Mr. Wang is Chinese.

If you no longer believe what comes from Supreme Army Command, what will you believe?


You can't do that to me.

Edward was unkind to Jesper.

What were you dreaming about when I woke you?

I've got to get to Manuel.

Avoiding the appearance of evil.


Can you show me another room?

The supermarket opens at ten o'clock.

A tenancy agreement is a legally binding document between a landlord and their tenant.

Let's go see what's in your attic.

None of them have a job.


I don't want to remember.

What exactly is she referring to?

You lived alone there.

Did Celeste say how he did it?

Do you want to eat out tonight?

Ariel says he can hold his breath for three minutes.

You seem pretty preoccupied.

She was licking the spoon.

She would probably do the same as he.

Try not to get wet because of the rain.

Nobody but a fool would believe it.


A mistranslation is sometimes called a leiterjakab in Hungarian.

The scholarship enabled her to go to university.

Clayton doesn't have to worry about anything.

I felt bad about picking on him.

I'm about to eat.

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The whole neighborhood was surprised at the news.

Lindsey likes to chop wood.

It's a special order.


Please write me a reply soon.


Stop being so stubborn.


Do you think it was an accident?

I heard a door slam.

We went out from there at eleven.

I can't work with them.

Are you leaving today?


I asked a friend of mine to help us.

We try to explain things across cultures; in spite of boundaries.

His music has attained great popularity overseas.

Are you able to grant us a special discount of 5% for 50 sets of the product?

Dan assured Linda that he wasn't going to hurt her.

Mick worked as a farmer.

I was only gone a few minutes.

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"What the fuck is this shit?" thought Lester.


They didn't fool us.


I'm afraid there isn't much time.

I truly fear that nothing is left for us to eat.

Fay pulled a muscle.

I don't think Blayne will believe Lorien.

A is a set consisting of the elements c, b, and a.

I wanted to be the best.

We've known about this problem for a long time.

As of the last meeting, the problem hasn't been dealt with.

What makes you think Saqib did this?

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Donne got on the train.

None of them would admit their guilt.

What was your relationship with Hazel?


The pay is meager.

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You're more than welcome to come over.


Teaching young children isn't easy.

He saw a light far away.

Please give me the same thing.

Everyone turned to look at her.

This course teaches basic skills in First Aid.


I just don't trust them.


How am I even going to buy everything I need?

She transferred from the bus to the subway.

He took a trip to Europe.


I'll go in your place.

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If he keeps drifting aimlessly, his late father will turn over in his grave.

She told me which clothes would be good to wear.

Nora isn't answering.

We had fun, didn't we?

What a nice tie!


Can you help me out here, please?


I think we shouldn't get involved.


We left Ellen and Ric by themselves.

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It's not so cheap.

What you did is immoral.

This is the first time I've ever stuck pictures in my room.

Roxie isn't the only one who doesn't want to go to the zoo.

The police brawled with the demonstrators.

Without hesitating, the dean selects infinite wisdom.

Look sharp!

Art and Rolf are playing battleship.

Man adorns the place, the place doesn't adorn the man.


The cat is in its basket.

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Marco looked like he was going to start crying again.

He'll finish the job by tomorrow.

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don't understand binary.

I told Torsten you were a good plumber.

We played baseball yesterday.

Do you work with Ami?

Buy two kilos of meat.

At the foot of the hill is a beautiful lake.

He grouped the girls in three rows.


Where's your date tonight?

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Add two to three, and you get five.

The black grapes are as sweet as the white ones.

What time is sunrise?

I want another.

Make it larger.

Brent is a morning person.

Most people live in urban areas.

They now have three children.

Dennis has bought a house in Boston.


I hope the weather will be fine tomorrow.

He caught Lar.

That would work.

Don't let this get out of control.

How's work?

Milk does not keep long in hot weather.

Dreams may be vivid and memorable.

I want to chain myself to that tree.

I plan to go to bed early tonight.

The brave captain saved his ship.

Please give me a dozen cream puffs.

I hope everyone will be OK.

I saw her naked.

Hopefully, the island is beautiful.

I'm going to wait up for a while.

This is gonna be wild!

He is spoken ill of by his students.

The lake has a very clear water.

You may leave whenever you want.

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We must inform them.

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She didn't give an answer to every question.

Do you think it'll be possible for you come over and help us this weekend?

Shall we walk or take the bus?

I told Janos it was a mistake.

I'm not fussy.

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I heard a car outside.

You'd be surprised if you knew how many times Terri has been here.

I have decided to release all my English sentences, including this one.


Sooner or later, I'll have to stop doing this.

Michel lit the candle.

We have better weapons than the enemy does.

The horse, the lion, the dog and the sheep are animals.

King John honored his treaty with Spain.


All I want is what's mine.

I saw the file.

What do we expect to happen next?

The sun shines brighter after the storm.

Juliane often sings in the shower.


Hello, I'm Halil.

What country is Jisheng in right now?

His bravery is above all praise.

That can't be him.

Some company would be nice.

Sundaresan is going up the stairs.

I'd like to be able to tell people my real name.

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My big brother shared his cake with me.


Scholarships were not granted anymore to the same students this summer as last year.

Everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work.

You'll receive a notice in a few days.

I'm very sorry about this.

I'd like to have a few minutes alone with Seenu.

I was very busy writing a short story.

Every problem has a solution.

So far my German is terrible, but I'll try to learn German well.

That would be a lie.